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Conference Delegate Standard Booking Form

Please confirm and complete all details in Part A and Part B.

Only Part A and Part B need be returned, this page is not required.

Return your completed form to Learning 2B Sustainable

Or SES, 238 High Road, London NW10 0EP


  • Please use BLOCK LETTERS if completing this form by hand
  • The conference fee covers teas and coffee and lunch will be provided, conference The fee does not include any other expenses incurred such as accommodation or transport to and from the event.
  • Your name and organisation as stated on this form will be used for your badge and on the delegate list.
  • Payment is not required with this form. Invoices detailing payment options will be distributed upon acceptance of your booking form and payment is due immediately you receive this invoice.
  • All catering is organised with options to fulfil the requirements of vegetarians. However, if you have a special diet, please indicate this on the booking form. You will be contacted if this cannot be catered for.
  • Photo Consent. Both the Conference and Exhibition will be filmed for the promotion of similar events in the future and some delegates and exhibitors will be asked for their opinions on the day. Delegates will be asked for their permission to be filmed before the event or by signing a consent form at registration on the day.
  • Anyone not wishing to give their approval should make this clear by email before the event and at registration and clearly inform the photographer if approached on the day.


Contact Email (This will be the primary method of contact so please ensure you provide an address that is actively monitored and where messages are read before being deleted.Please also ensure that Growing Up Green & Global messages are not spammed).

Please also ensure that Growing Up Green & Global messages are not spammed). Tel Special dietary requirements Special mobility / access requirements

This event was recommended to me by:- NAME ORGANISATION (Block letters please)

PART B Conference Fees

  • The standard booking fee will be £30 for Delegate representing organisations
  • Individuals : £25
  • An invoice will be issued upon return of this form.
  • Purchase Order number for invoice (where applicable)

I hereby confirm that I have the authority to sanction the expenditure detailed on this booking form