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The Somali Ecological Society (SES) was founded in 1983, and the Society is non-political and non-profit making.

Prior to the outbreak of the civil war in Somalia the organisation employed Reserve Guards and Reserve Wardens, especially in Balcad Nature Reserve.

In its early years conservation efforts focussed upon identifying and preserving remnant vegetation and wildlife habitats, which represent natural ecotypes indigenous to Somalia and Somaliland. The Society also sought to achieve a greater awareness of environmental problems and to bring these to the attention of decision-makers for appropriate action. Former members of the SES, both Somalis and UK nationals are active within SES today.

Objectives of SES

Help preserve the biological diversity of Somalia and Somaliland and promote wise and sustainable use of natural habitat

Increase the awareness and the respect of Somali people for their environmental heritage through education 

Promote research into Somalia's and Somaliland's environment

Promote communication among all groups and individuals involved in environmental work in Somalia and Somaliland

Promote and carry out consultation, surveys, and research aimed to increase the awareness of the Somali people and their interested parties in relation to the environmental issues

Provide representative Group that will act and speak on behalf of the Somali people increasing their awareness and knowledge of the environment heritage of Somalia and Somaliland through training and education

In particular the Society wishes to identify, protect, and maintain the best examples of ecosystems and endangered/endemic species in Somalia and Somaliland for use in research and education.

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