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Promoting the study and sustainable use of natural resources in the Horn of Africa
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News Flash:-

1. Sadly our Hon. President, John D Leefe OBE died July 2011 - Click on the Recent News page to see details.

2. Click here to see the full version of the SES Somaliland Fact Finding Mission September 2010 (English), undertaken by our very own Chairman.

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Welcome to the Somali Ecological Society (SES) website.  Please look at the Welcome page.

The Somali natural resources and livelihoods have been under considerable pressure for some time. The SES was established in the early 1980's to foster an understanding of Somali ecology and the sound mangement of natural resources for the benifit of the Somali people and the world environment as a whole.

Since the early 1990's this has not been an easy task.  We trust that this website will be valuable in fostering the the ongoing aims of the SES.  See the Overview of SES page for further details.

The SES has an active membership, see the Membership page or contact us for further details.

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