SES Constitution


The name of the Society shall be called, the Somali Ecological Society (herein after the Society):


  • Maintain the biological diversity of Somalia and Somaliland and promote wise sustainable use of natural resources, including natural forest /woodlands, wildlife, water and rangelands.
  • Increase the awareness and respect of the Somali people for their environment heritage through education
  • Promote research into the Somalia’s and Somaliland’s environment
  • Promote awareness and communication among all groups and individuals involved in the environment work in Somalia and Somaliland.
  • Improve the institutional capacity of local Somali organisations and/or environment groups involved in the conservation and use of natural resources.
  • In particular the Society wishes to identify, protect and maintain the best examples of ecosystem and endangered and endemic species in the Somalia, for use in research and education

In furtherance of its Mission Statement. The Somali Ecological Society shall have the following:

  • To provide a representatives Group that will act and speak on behalf of the Somali people in increasing their knowledge of the environment heritage of Somalia and Somaliland through training and education
  • To help identify, protect and maintain the natural forests, other vegetation types, wildlife , and other natural resources for their use in research and education
  • To promote and organise co-operation in the achievement of the Society’s Mission Statements, and to that end to work in association with all relevant agencies engaged in the furtherance of the above objectives.
  • To obtain, collect and receive money and funds by way of contribution, donation, and subscription , grants and other lawful methods, affiliate to or accept affiliation from any body having objects similar to those Society and receive financial assistance from charitable groups having similar objectives and provide for holding of seminar, workshop, and conference.
  • To employ and pay person to supervise, organise and carry out the work of the Society.
  • To promote and carry out projects, consultation, survey and research aimed to help raise the awareness of the Somali people and other interested parties in relation to the environment issues of Somalia and Somaliland.
  • To promote policies in response to identified environment needs of Somalia and Somaliland and to make representation recommendation to all relevant bodies.
  • To do all such other lawful things that could be seen necessary for the attainment of the said intentions.


All Somali of 18 years old or over, and other nationalities who may be interested in the work of the Society are entitled to become full membership

A full member has to contribute £5 per year which exceptional can be waived in cases of hardship.

Member will be required to register with the organisation and registration is required within the first two months of joining


There shall be Management Committee constitute in such a manner as the Society in General Meeting shall from time to time determine, subject to the condition hereunder.